Czech Brand

A Czech team and Czech quality. That‘s the Czech brand - Represent. For the past 18 years has allowed people to experience each day on their own terms - in style and maximum comfort.

The main product brands we carry in the Czech Republic are our popular men's boxers, followed by our indispensable stylish and comfortable shorts for girls. Our comfortable and functional cotton socks are manufactured for each season and we carry a complete set of street wear and tons of accessories - all in our signature Prague urban style.

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Comfort - Quality - Style

Three words describe our brand perfectly.
Quality and comfort are essential, but we’ve add a third component - Prague Urban Style.

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Represent: An Eco-Friendly Brand

We make every effort possible so that your lifestyle and values are carried out in our products and have no negative effects on anyone

Represent Blog

Want to know everything about what‘s happening in REPRESENT or interested in news from the world of fashion?

Follow our Represent blog and learn which activities you need to be a part of. It can be who we Represent in sports or how to select boxers which are suitable as gifts, plus plenty of other tips and tricks...

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