Comfort is everything! Comfort is what everybody wants! Our products achieve maximum comfort thanks to proven (human) testing of our 5-piece boxers and other Represent products. Thanks to the high quality and comfortable materials we use, our clothes are guaranteed not to ride, pinch or impede you from having a comfortable and active life.

Stop wedgies and other discomforts!


Customer satisfaction is our first priority! In Represent we do our best to ensure maximum customer satisfaction! We always put things as they are and seek to find solutions, not reasons why a customer’s wish is impossible to fulfill…

We are not a bunch of bored officials. We are on the same wavelength as you.


Quality and comfort are essential, but we are adding a third component, Prague Urban Style. We know the importance of representing yourself properly. Every product that bears our brand always has meaning and a story behind it. So do you and now you can Represent yourself in Prague Urban Style.

No more shame in taking off your pants!

History of REPRESENT

Czech brand, Czech team, Czech Quality. Since 2000.

At the beginning of the Represent brand there was a dream. A dream shared by a number of enthusiasts to introduce onto the market quality underwear for people with the same philosophy and approach to life. We managed to turn this intriguing idea into reality in the magical year of 2000: our first collection called REPRESENT 4 SEASONS CLOTHING came into being in autumn that year.

There is no doubt that our most important product are men’s boxers delivered in a stylish can that identifies our brand. When the shape of the basic type of our men’s boxers was finalized, we had spent a large amount of time meticulously developing the cut, choosing the right materials and testing the products on real people! This is the reason why the essential product of the Represent brand has up until now changed only marginally and remains to be a favorite choice among extreme athletes, free life style lovers and those who identify themselves as members of the board culture. For a substantial portion of them comfortable cut and a wide range of designs and colors are what makes them loyal to the brand.

Sportsmen will appreciate it that Represent specialize in producing clothing suitable to be worn on a regular basis throughout the year. We offer t-shirts with unique highly creative designs, quality sweatshirts as well as caps or long-lastingly popular quality socks. The Represent brand has become an epitome for clothes designed for all the people who want to express themselves, wear comfortable clothes and live an active life in any season of the year. In addition, Represent supports interesting events, races and people who have something to say – and, indeed, want to say it – whether they are sportsmen or musicians. Also, the team test thoroughly all the new products to ensure that only the best reaches the customer.

Represent only cooperate with selected partners and use quality materials to manufacture their products. Only professional printing methods are used while printing designs on clothing. A vast majority of our clothes are designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic!

_Represent yourself!

  • There are only two thing I love: My bike and Represent boxers... Tomáš Řanda - BMX Rider

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