A brand new Represent promo video with our Represent rider Lukáš Tuma as the leading actor is out!

In the video, you can see what Lukáš’ typical day looks like. And it’s a very busy day indeed! After he wakes up from sweet dreaming, Lukáš heads for the swimming pool to warm up a little. Subsequently, he carries out regular maintenance works on his own motocross track where he trains very hard. Prior to switching into a traditional work-out mode Lukáš practices focused concentration. The best way to do this, you’re asking? By shooting, according to Lukáš, anyway. This is all wrapped up by a friendly get-together as Lukáš sometimes tends to call crazy parties he attends ;)

Now you’re probably thinking: wow, this is one hell of a busy day. Believe it or not, this is just a part of Lukáš’ normal day. On top of all this, he manages a moto team or plays hockey for HC BMX RIDERS, considering, in one way or another, the latter as a kind of preparation for the goal he has just set – Redbull Crashed Ice...

If you think this is already impossible, watch this out.

The video is 100% real and was shot during one day. Just a typical Monday in Lukáš’ life ;)

Many thanks belong to Tomáš Moravec, the videomaker, the beautiful Suicide Angels and DJ Rido who provided music.

Represent makes your day! _Represent Yourself!